As you have probably guessed my name is Stellita Loukas and I am a Composer specializing in Cinematic Scoring.

While I enjoy working on all kinds of music, writing melodies is my strong point as a composer. 

I have composed music for over 10 games, 3 films and numerous US TV shows. 

I am a true geek at heart and was kind of a tomboy growing up so I did everything you would expect such as skate-boarding, roller-blading, karate, swimming and gaming…lots and lots of hours in front of my TV playing games.

I have a constant thirst for knowledge so when I'm not working you'll either find me watching tutorials or with my nose buried in a book.

I hold a BSc (Hons) in Management Sciences from the University of Warwick which although completely irrelevant to music, keeps me grounded and business-minded when needed.

And….I love my job, I love teamwork, I aim high and work hard for it.

Stellita made a beautiful and inspired music and SFX that completely matched the feeling of our game Candylicious. We will definitely work with her again for our upcoming titles.
— Rabi Boundi, Managing Director @ Movin'Apps
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Stellita on several productions as a composer, but have had the opportunity to see her in action as a highly skilled and organized businessperson, as well. She excels in everything she puts her mind to, but her shining moments are wrapped in how she handles her creative point of view, always with favor toward storytelling and creating the highest quality final product possible. Stellita is a team player, an active listener and a valued asset to anyone in need of a brilliant, confident and collaborative composer.

I would heartily recommend her to anyone.
— Deane Ogden, Composer - Recording Artist - Drummer
We had a hard time finding a good partner to outsource both music and sound producing of our games, until we met Stellita. She works on all of our projects with great passion and tremendous patience. She thinks along with us and strives to get the best quality for our games, even though it often took long extra hours. We develop games for kids, and she knows exactly what kind of tunes and instruments appeal to our target group. I never need to worry one single time about the deadline because she always communicates on time and almost instantly.

I am very happy to work with her and would recommend her to any other companies in need of music composing!
— Yan Lin, COO @ Tribeplay
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