Creativity, Humor and Determination : this is me in a nutshell.

Growing up in a household filled with music and a very creative mother, I learned from an early age to use creativity to express myself. Be it writing music, creating graphics and animation or even designing custom desks and installing bookshelves, creativity is the driving force behind everything I do. Humour helps me see the funny side of life and laugh my head off. I have come to realize that life is a combination of highs and lows and humor and laughter is what holds everything together and gives meaning to both. As for determination, well, I am Greek and somewhere in my DNA there is Odysseus’ blood so problems present to me opportunities for solutions. I might stop to catch my breath and regroup for a while but I always get up and move on.

My musician mother introduced me to the magical world of music when I was still in my crib. I started composing music when I was 12 and after a BSc in Management Sciences that taught me how to be well-grounded and organized, I decided to devote myself to what I love the most; adding an extra dimension to stories and experiences by conveying feelings that can only be expressed through music. Every project is a new journey which gives me the opportunity to explore new creative avenues and meet people who are equally excited about what they do.  Being a lover of technology and eternally curious, I like dipping my toes in the different complementary aspects of my work; I get equally excited about a new Unity feature as I do for a new sample library!  Professionally, my goal is to work on exciting projects and be able to contribute my unique combination of experiences in a way that will add value to the final product.

I dream big and work hard for it and, being Greek, I never EVER give up.


  • "Super Heroes" (2016 - by Yggdrasil Gaming) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "Empire Fortune" (2016 - by Yggdrasil Gaming) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "The Champ" (2016 - by Eastern Island Studios) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "London Heist" (2016 - by Eastern Island Studios) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "Great88" (2016 - by Betsoft Gaming) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "Sprezzatura" (2016 - by Eastern Island Studios) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "Legend of Emerald" (2016 - by Join Games) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "The Odd Forest" (2016 - by Foxium) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "Kleopatra" (2016 - by Join Games) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "Cyber Ninja" (2016 - by Join Games) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "Dojo" (2016 - by Join Games) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "Sakura" (2016 - by Join Games) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "Naga King" (2016 - by Join Games) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "Venice Carnival" (2016 - by Join Games) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "The Dragon" (2016 - by Join Games) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "Ice7 Bar" (2016 - by Join Games) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "Caesar's Glory" (2016 - by Join Games) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "Aztec Temple" (2016 - by Join Games) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "TBA" (2015 - by Capricorn Digital) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "TBA" (2015 - by Capricorn Digital) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "TBA" (2015 - by Capricorn Digital) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "TBA " (2015 - by Capricorn Digital) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "BeeDazzled" (2015 - by BeeCave Games) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "TBA" (2015 - by LMWerks) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "TBA" (2015 - by LMWerks) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "TBA" (2015 - by LMWerks) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "TBA" (2015 - by Capricorn Digital) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "Monster I$le" (2015 - by BeeCave Games) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "Fairyland Fortune 2" (2015 - by BeeCave Games) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "TBA" (2015 - by Capricorn Digital) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "Shopen" (2014 - by Vermantia) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "House of Signs" (2014 - by Vermantia) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "Tiki Bar" (2014 - by Vermantia) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "Defcon1" (2014 - by Vermantia) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "Candyliscious" (2014 - by Vermantia) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "Salty" (2014 - by Javira) - Composer
  • "Tailspin" (2014 - by Javira) - Composer
  • "Rocket Ranch" (2014 - by Javira) - Composer
  • "Dr.Panda's Restaurant 2" (2014 - by Tribeplay) - Composer
  • "Dr.Panda's Home" (2013 - by Tribeplay) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "Dr.Panda's Bus Driver (2013 - by Tribeplay) - Composer
  • "Dr.Panda's Airport" (2013 - by Tribeplay) - Composer & Sound Designer
  • "Art Class with Dr.Panda" (2013 - by Tribeplay) - Composer
  • "Dr.Panda's Handyman" (2013 - by Tribeplay) - Composer


  • "The Final Moments of Karl Brandt" (2013 - directed by M.F.Wilson) - Co-Composer with Deane Ogden
  • "Youth" (2013 - directed by Max Galassi) - Composer
  • "Ready 2 Die" (2014 - directed by Jon Azpilicueta) - Composer : Additional Music
  • "So, Mrs.Cohen" (2009 - directed by Tracy-Ann Oberman) - Composer


  • Award-winning Entertainment Tonight - Additional Music

  • E! News - Additional Music
  • America's Next Top Model - Additional Music
  • Million Dollar Decorators - Additional Music
  • Bar Rescue - Additional Music
  • Chef Roble and Co - Additional Music


Game Music (2009 - 2014)


The following timescales refer to the completion of different types of projects and include Composition/Orchestration/Production/Mixing and up to delivery of the final tracks to the client where applicable (including changes requested).

Game Music

  • Adventure Game ("Dark Cave", "Down the Corridor", "Fighting for Survival") (2010) : 1 week total.
  • HTML5 Games ("House of Signs", "Defcon1", "Shopen") (2014): 3 days for each game.
  • Single Game/Trailer tracks ("Deliverance", "Arabian Nights", "The End is Near", "Catch the Thief") : 2 days each.
  • Dr.Panda Games (approximately 3-4 minutes of music for each game) : 3-5 days per game, including changes requested by the client.
  • "The Land of Dragor" Interactive Book Video (2014) : 2 weeks from start to finish (including changes + implementation).

Cinematic Music 

  • "Youth" (2013) : Score of the entire 60 minute film - 6 days + 1 day of changes.
  • Single Tracks such as "Southern Destiny", "Hans Goes to Greece and the Middle East" etc, : 2 days each.

TV Music

  • TV tracks usually take 1-2 days depending on complexity.

Cinematic Music (2009 - 2014)

TV Music (2012 - 2013)

One year ago, our game studio took a risk and engaged Stellita as a music producer and sound designer for 3 premium casual slot games. It was the best decision we've ever made. Her talent for original music production and the quality of her SFX completely exceeded our expectations. An utmost professional, she's an absolute pleasure to work with. She's passionate, talented, engaged, focused, organized, flexible, and hilarious. Everyone on our team loves working with her. Stellita is now the principal sound designer for all of our upcoming studio projects. I highly recommend her. You won't be disappointed.

- Mike McGraw, Executive Producer @ Old Skool Studios

Stellita worked with me on several projects for me at Bee Cave Games. She is a very talented Composer with a drive to get things right for her clients. She is fast at learning a companies process and is very good at hitting the requested quality and target. She is very responsive and easy to work with. I would not second guess hiring her again for any of my projects in the future. If you are looking for a quality Composer that can jump in and run Stellita is a perfect choice.

— Gregory R.Allen, Audio Director @ Bee Cave Games

Stellita has produced sound effects and music for some of our projects, and the experience has been an absolute pleasure. Very talented, professional, positive and dedicated is how I'd describe her. The quality and service of her work is exceptional, and I look forward to working together on many more projects together in future.

— Daniel Lazarus, Director/Co-Owner @ Revolver Gaming

Stellita made a beautiful and inspired music and SFX that completely matched the feeling of our game Candylicious. We will definitely work with her again for our upcoming titles.

— Rabi Boundi, Managing Director @ Movin'Apps

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Stellita on several productions as a composer, but have had the opportunity to see her in action as a highly skilled and organized businessperson, as well. She excels in everything she puts her mind to, but her shining moments are wrapped in how she handles her creative point of view, always with favor toward storytelling and creating the highest quality final product possible. Stellita is a team player, an active listener and a valued asset to anyone in need of a brilliant, confident and collaborative composer. 

I would heartily recommend her to anyone.

— Deane Ogden, Composer - Recording Artist - Drummer

We had a hard time finding a good partner to outsource both music and sound producing of our games, until we met Stellita. She works on all of our projects with great passion and tremendous patience. She thinks along with us and strives to get the best quality for our games, even though it often took long extra hours. We develop games for kids, and she knows exactly what kind of tunes and instruments appeal to our target group. I never need to worry one single time about the deadline because she always communicates on time and almost instantly.

I am very happy to work with her and would recommend her to any other companies in need of music composing!

— Yan Lin, COO @ Tribeplay

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Nuendo 7 for Game Audio Video Series

I recently partnered with Steinberg to create a video series about all the incredibly useful features Nuendo 7 offers for game audio professionals. The first installment is an introduction to Nuendo 7's features that can come handy when working in game audio.