Creativity, Humor and Determination : this is me in a nutshell.

Growing up in a household filled with music and a very creative mother, I learned from an early age to use creativity to express myself. Be it writing music, creating graphics and animation or even designing custom desks and installing bookshelves, creativity is the driving force behind everything I do. Humour helps me see the funny side of life and laugh my head off. I have come to realize that life is a combination of highs and lows and humor and laughter is what holds everything together and gives meaning to both. As for determination, well, I am Greek and somewhere in my DNA there is Odysseus’ blood so problems present to me opportunities for solutions. I might stop to catch my breath and regroup for a while but I always get up and move on.

My musician mother introduced me to the magical world of music when I was still in my crib. I started composing music when I was 12 and after a BSc in Management Sciences that taught me how to be well-grounded and organized, I decided to devote myself to what I love the most; adding an extra dimension to stories and experiences by conveying feelings that can only be expressed through music. Every project is a new journey which gives me the opportunity to explore new creative avenues and meet people who are equally excited about what they do. Being a lover of technology and eternally curious, I like dipping my toes in the different complementary aspects of my work; I get equally excited about a new Unity feature as I do for a new sample library! Professionally, my goal is to work on exciting projects and be able to contribute my unique combination of experiences in a way that will add value to the final product.

A car accident (that unfortunately proved to be fatal for my granny) left me with a "medal" that later proved out to be a hearing impediment. Half of the ear doctors I've seen since then have told me that I am surely lip reading otherwise I wouldn't be able to function in society. The other half have told me that I am perfectly fine save for a minor hearing impediment. I chose to believe the latter. Sometimes I might ask you to repeat what you said a couple of times but this has never stopped me from writing music from the heart or making a good living out of music.

While many will consider this a trivia, often a futile piece of info, I just wanted to say to all of you out there who might be facing similar problems...don't let them define who you are. Let them be beacons that light the way to the path you are supposed to follow.

I might be a hopeless romantic but no matter what life hands me, I will never stop believing that LOVE is the true power that gives life to all of us, all our dreams and all of the miracles we experience on a daily basis. We just have to open our eyes, draw those blasted curtains and  life/Eden/paradise or whether else you wish to call ours for the taking. Love is the key
 Love for ourselves, our problems and for our fellow humans and their problems. Love.
Omnia Vincit Amor.


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While I've been working primarily in games for the past few years, I have had the pleasure of being involved in a few film projects very close to my heart, including :

GYMNAST is a fashion film paying homage to the Olympic Gymnast starring Vasiliki Millousi. Filmed in Greece, this independent fashion film is about dedication, willpower, obstacles and finding balance. The film that brings Gymnastics and Fashion together.
Set in the near future where experimental technology allows two detectives to bring a murder victim back to life in a digital state in order to question him about his final moments.